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Clementine movies

We make great movies, front to end.

High-end audiovisuals works for companies, organizations and agencies.

Let us translate your USPs and corporate values into a movie that calls for action.

No other medium has the power to engage and move your audience the way movie does.


  • product- and product category branding
  • employer branding
  • corporate image
  • raising awareness

What’s your call to action?

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How we work

First, we shoot some questions….We find out who you want to reach.

What do you want to tell?

What do you want your audience to DO?

And where is your audience watching?

We listen, think, define a video strategy and work out a concept that will call for action.

Ready? Thén, we prep for the shoot and shoot some motion pictures.

If we can do it in that order, we'll be shooting for the moon.

Our Work

Clementine Bites

Quick and Easy
Audio & Visual Content

You want your video right now? Your message is straightforward or your budget is tight?

You just need the right bait for you audience to take the bite.

With our infrastructure and expertise we can produce your audiovisual content in a professional and efficient way. You focus on content strategy, we focus on production.

Clementine bites can be short video’s, testimonials,  pictures, animated gifs, illustrations or audio messages.

Want to find out more? Ask an offer? Need the bait?

Take the bite!

Clementine Bites

Clementine Backup

Where did I last see that disk?

With you creating new content each year, your company is gathering massive amounts of media files. But where do you store this content? And who keeps an overview?

You can trust us with your video footage, so you no longer get lost in video formats, file sizes, and heavy data. And when you need it back, we serve it to you in easy-to-use formats, edited or just raw on the plate.

Backing up is not only about the past. You want to cover upcoming events, a new product launch or a special occasion? We got your back. Clementine guarantees you have everything covered you’ll need for your long-term content marketing plan.

Find out more about our back-up plan?

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