Quick And Easy
Audio & Visual Content

You want your video right now?
Your message is straightforward or your budget is tight?
You only need the right bait for your audience to take the bite.

Thanks to social media, sharing content has never been easier. But the medium is volatile. And as a digital creator, you want to be agile!

Creating video can be "easy". But it's as easy to spend too much time on it when your editing skills are a bit rusty.

With our infrastructure and expertise you can rest assured that your content is produced professionally and efficiently. You focus on content strategy, we focus on production.

We even can deliver a social media package, so you can send out the bait daily or weekly!

Clementine Bites can be short video's, pictures, animated gifs, illustrations or audio messages. If it's audio or visual we can make it!

Let's make something

De 3 Floorify Tester filmpjes werden snel maar met de nodige zorg nog net voor Batibouw gemaakt! De samenwerking verliep erg vlot.

Marie CallensZaakvoerder Floorify

Clementine Bites has become a great partner. A quick service, high quality productions and thinking along creatively, that’s why we’re in for the long run!

Day OneRoeselare

Fun and short videos to post on your social media channels.
Animated gifs & Snip-Its
Let your clients or employees talk about your product, services or company values.
Video Testimonials
An attractive way to share some not so easy visual content.
Translate a news fact or recurring corporate messages into a clear 1 minute video.
Video Reports
We like movies, but sometimes pictures and illustrations are all you need.
Illustrations & Pictures
Looking at your iPhone in the car is a really bad idea. Share your internal corporate message with a podcast.
Podcasts & Radio Spots

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Is your case a bite?

  • the message is clear
  • the subject is straightforward
  • the video is no longer than 90s
  • we can arrive and start filming without additional arrangements such actors or decor
  • you are in a hurry
  • the budget is tight

Take the bait

We promise

  • a quick and transparent quote
  • we work by the hour for filming and editing
  • we can finish everything within 5 days, sometimes even within 24 hours!
  • a professional video crew or a graphic artist is on your case
  • we deliver easy to use formats for any communication channel